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Cheesiest Local Attraction

1st Place: Ship Shape Car Wash

2nd Place: The music that blares downtown

3rd Place: Hands Across Eau Claire (tied)

3rd Place: Water Street Donut Man (tied)

What is that I see in the distance? Why, it’s a building shaped like a boat! What for, you may wonder? It’s to get a good shine on your vessel, of course! If you haven’t seen it, she be beached near the shore on Clairemont and has a parrot in the lobby. What’s with that muzak downtown? If you want to get carols stuck in your head from November to January, and easy listening the rest of the year, take a stroll down Barstow and let the instrumentals begin. It seems those Children’s Museum hands show up everywhere: in parks, along the road, in front of businesses, etc. And they depict all manner of things, from braces-wearing giraffes to a baseball mitt and ball. Then there’s the Donut Man, that iconic fiberglass chef whom the students seem so fond of in pictures. My theory is it’s supposed to lure adults in for car service, like the way an ice cream truck’s music lures kids. I’m watching you, donut man. — TM

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