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Best Kept Secret

1st Place: Nelson Cheese Factory

2nd Place: Pad Thai

3rd Place: Olympic Flame

Nelson Cheese repeats from last year as the No. 1 spot for the best kept secret in the area, Pad Thai repeats as number two, and Olympic Flame repeats as number three. Which begs the question, if they were the best kept secret last year, shouldn’t they no longer be a secret? I know, I know. It’s like a fishing spot. You don’t want others to know about them so you can have them all to yourselves. Nelson Cheese is a wonderland of all things cheese as well as sandwiches, ice cream, and cool flavors of soda in glass bottles. Pad Thai continues to pop up first thing in the mouths of my colleagues when they discuss favorite places to eat. And this Chicago boy is very happy to find gyros like the food trucks back home made over at the Olympic Flame. Hmmm … now that I think about it, let’s not publish the results for this category and keep these three locations to ourselves. — RR

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