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Structure In Most Need of Demolition

1st Place: Old Burger King on Barstow

2nd Place: The Republican Party Campaign Office

3rd Place: New downtown jail

The Burger King on Barstow wins this category, hands down. It has sat unoccupied for so long, you can hardly tell it was a Burger King anymore. So long that it’s kinda like that old jumproping trophy in your attic. Once it’s gone, you might miss it. (But we’re guessing not.) Before we go pointing our fingers (and pitchforks) at the Republican Party Campaign Office, let’s take a minute. Just because you don’t agree with one Republican (ahem, Walker), doesn’t mean we can burn the whole lot of ’em. Some might even be your neighbors … co-workers … friends. In third place is the new jail. It’s not even completed and you want to destroy it already? Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do to stop it, at this point, so do your best to enjoy our riverside jail (just from the outside, of course). — AD

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