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Structure We'd Like To See Locally Erected

1st Place: Trader Joe’s

2nd Place: An arena/arts center/convention center

3rd Place: Home Depot

Ah, Trader Joe’s. Home of hard-to-find, great tasting food. We in the Valley are smitten with your inexpensive quality groceries, and for the second consecutive year we’re longing for your California-based operations to start a local branch. Also on last year’s wish list (this time moving up a slot) is an all-purpose arena for huge events in the realms of the arts, convention, culture, and recreation. There are constant discussions on this very topic, so keep hangin’ in there, voters; we may see one yet! Another pick not new to the poll is Home Depot, just so Menards has some competition. But this one isn’t very likely. But wishful thinkin’ never hurt nobody ... — AD

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