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Best Place To Take Your Pet (non-business)

1st Place: Eau Claire Dog Park


3rd Place: Carson Park

This just in from the “no duh” news department, you all voted Eau Claire’s dog park as the best place to take your favorite four-legged friend. It’s especially a no-brainer given that the park is convenient, has plenty of room to your dog run, play frisbee, or just hang out with some members of its own species. But in surprise, breaking news, the dog parks of recent years aren’t enough for you. Lots of voters seem to emphatically think “WE NEED A DOG BEACH!” I suppose it’s a place for dogs to cool off in the summer, while you build castles and catch rays (but it better not be treated as a giant litterbox … gross). Carson Park came in third with its many pet-friendly walking trails so that you and Fido can get a bit of fresh air and exercise. — AD

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