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Best Place To Take Your Kids

1st Place: Irvine Park Zoo

2nd Place: Eau Claire Children’s Museum

3rd Place: Action City

For the third year in a row, Irvine Park takes the cake as the best place to take the kids. Personally, I’m not surprised — what with all the animals, the playgrounds, and places to have a picnic or family gathering, who wouldn’t want to plan a day of family fun at the zoo? And of course, it’s always free. In second place for their third consecutive year is the Eau Claire Children’s Museum. Located in Eau Claire’s downtown, the museum is a great place for some hands-on learning, creativity, and, with special workshops available, a great way to bond with your kids. For a small fee you can open your child’s imagination to a world of possibilities and allow the kid in you to let loose, as well. Also of high regard is Action City. A place that offers entertainment for all ages with arcade games, a rock climbing wall, bumper cars, and fun that reportedly never stops. — TM

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