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Hottest Local Topic of Conversation In The Past Year

1st Place: State budget and Scott Walker

2nd Place: Packers win the Super Bowl

3rd Place: Bon Iver’s huge new album

Just when we get sick of talking and want nothing more than to put on our headphones and play Lego Harry Potter on our iPhones for hours on end, all sorts of interesting garbage has to happen, and then we have to rush to local news sites and anonymously post terribly snarky things. It’s so tiring! Scott Walker and the state budget led to many hoarse vocal cords and calloused typing fingers this year. On a significantly more positive note, Aaron Rodgers and the Pack brought the NFL title home once again and we all suddenly became experts on their cornerback depth, whatever that means. In third, our very own Justin Vernon dropped the huge sophomore album, further cementing his fame and allowing us to once again retell all of our Justin encounter stories. But, seriously, can we just sit quietly now, for a little while? — ER

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