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Best Use Of Taxpayer Dollars Last Year

1st Place: Schools/Teachers

2nd Place: Phoenix Park restrooms

3rd Place: Police, fire, EMS

Public schools and teachers have won this category every single year — that’s five times! And it’s a shocker given the increasing hardships they seem to face every year. And this for the people and places teaching our children valuable lifelong lessons that will help them grow up to be Eau Claire’s future, and help develop this city into an even greater thing to behold. Which brings us to No. 2 (bathroom humor pun intended): the beloved restrooms of Phoenix Park. Supporters fought for these tooth and nail, and through lots of generous support, we now all have a place to “go” during the various awesome events in downtown’s beloved park. Another favorite, year in and year out, is our police, fire, and EMS workers. And they’ve earned it, what with all the protecting us while laying their own lives on the line every day so we can go about our days feeling safer. So here’s our way of saying thanks. — AD

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