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Biggest Thing We Should Make Happen Soon

1st Place: Overthrow Walker

2nd Place: High-speed rail

3rd Place: Attract employers that hire 300-800 people and pay liveable wages

Individually, the biggest thing many of us are able to make happen is sweeping the driveway or cleaning the dried hummus off the wall from last month. After that, it’s time to nap. Collectively, though, we have set our sights quite a bit higher. The winner of the Biggest Thing We Should Make Happen category can be interpreted in a few different ways — “overthrow” can mean pitchforks and Molotov cocktails, or the slightly more docile circulation of recall petitions. Either way, we are going to need some teamwork! The second place high-speed rail has been on our to-do list about as long taking the curtains to the laundromat (years and years), but budgetary setbacks at the state level have done nothing to extinguish the excitement for some speedy trains. Finally, while we would all love another Wendy’s or dollar store, attracting a BIG employer would be a majorly helpful accomplishment. Let’s get going on this list, people. — ER

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