Issue #363 July 25, 2018

The Final Frontier

space and rocks collide in new Water Street gallery

Emilee Wentland, photos by Luong Huynh

Space is infinite. Stars and planets fill the universe, spanning light years away from Earth, making it impossible for us to view all of the cosmic greatness. Lucky for the Chippewa Valley community, one local artist is

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Issue #359 May 30, 2018

To the Valley and Beyond

Oxbow mural program hopes to inspire artistic diversity

Lauren Fisher, photos by Joel Pearish

The vast blank canvas on the side of the Eau Claire Printing Co. building on the corner of Galloway and Farwell streets in downtown Eau Claire gleams with whitewash today, but on June 3 ...

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Issue #358 May 16, 2018

Chalkfest 2018 Is on the Way

Emilee Wentland

It’s almost time to decorate UW-Eau Claire’s sidewalks with vivid colors and unique designs through chalk art. Every summer, Volume One and UWEC team up to present Chalkfest, a day-long celebration of all things artistic, creative, and, of course, chalk-related ...

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Issue #357 May 2, 2018

Artisan Forge Hosts Spring Art Market

Measha Vieth, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The work of dozens of artisans – including 25 in-house artists and 10 outside collaborators – will be on display at the Springtime Uptown Artisan Market from 9am-6pm Saturday, May 5, at Artisan Forge Studios, 1106 Mondovi Road. Artisan Forge Studios is a unique community ...

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Issue #356 April 18, 2018

‘Fire in Their Bellies’

exhibit highlights couple’s shared creative life as artists and educators

Pamela Powers, UW-Stout News

Mickey Mouse helped inspire William Schulman to become an artist, starting him on a career path that led to being an art teacher and founder of UW-Stout’s art education department ...

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