Issue #343 Oct. 18, 2017

When 'Local' News Is Owned From Afar

an only slightly biased view of the local media landscape as ownership gets more corporatized

Nick Meyer, illustrated by Janae Breunig

Ideally, local news outlets are genuinely local – that is to say they’re independently owned outfits closely tied to the community from top to bottom. They develop local management perspectives, make decisions locally, and maintain the strongest ratio of revenue kept in the markets they cover ...

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Issue #334 June 14, 2017

The Potential of a Party

Nick Meyer

The neighborhood block party can be a simple yet powerful community-building tool. On page 46 we have the story of “Bluegrass on Badger,” a neighbor-created event with music, games, a food truck, and more in late May on Eau Claire’s Eastside Hill. It became an instant breakout success ...

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