Issue #381 April 3, 2019

Willing to Collaborate

creatives open downtown co-working space for other creatives

Parker Reed, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Eau Claire is growing into becoming one of the cultural centers of the region, but collaboration is key to the area’s success, two new business owners say ...

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Issue #376 January 23, 2019

Rallying for the Valley

more than 100 Chippewa Valley residents will bend lawmakers’ ears on Jan. 30

Tom Giffey

More than 100 Chippewa Valley residents will caravan to the state Capitol on Jan. 30 as part of the 25th annual Chippewa Valley Rally, a unique gathering that offers an opportunity to speak directly ...

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Issue #375 January 9, 2019

Fixity: Helping Fix Your City

locally created app wins entrepreneurial challenge

Tom Giffey

An app that allows users to report problems about their city and to make recommendations about how to fix them was recently named the winner of the annual Idea Challenge held by the Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corp. Fixity, which was developed ...

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Issue #374 December 26, 2018

Seeking Business Paragons

EC AREA Economic Development Corp. wants nominees for annual award

Tom Giffey

Do you know of a local business that’s risen to the top of the class – one that’s a model for others because of its growth, innovation, and job-creation prowess? If so, you’ve got a potential Paragon Award winner on your hands. The Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corp. is seeking nominees ...

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Issue #374 December 26, 2018

Embracing the Odd

Odd Humyns + Odd Brand Strategy introduce the School of Odd

Rayna DeJongh, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Serena Wagner and Elle McGee, founders of Odd Brand Strategy and now Odd Humyns – a downtown Eau Claire art store, 209 N. Barstow St. – are expanding their offerings even further with the opening ...

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Issue #374 December 26, 2018

Drilling Down

western Wisconsin firm finds success with specialty ice fishing products

Barbara Arnold

In early December, you might have seen many an ice angler out on Half Moon Lake, including a few bright red pop-up tents with the brand name Eskimo. With a name like that, you might think Alaska or Canada ...

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