Issue #372 November 28, 2018

Flowers Done Green

local flower shop keeps it unexpected & seasonal

Lauren Fisher, photos by Timothy Mather

September, as autumn settles into Menomonie, might seem like an odd time to open a shop that deals in flowers, but in the case of Sarah Lambert Freeman’s Hive & Hollow, it’s the perfect chance to show locals what makes her floral services unique in the Valley ...

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Issue #371 November 14, 2018

A Shop That Sparkles

Nicole Lasker strives to create special moments while enriching her hometown

Max Lasker was a Jewish immigrant from Poland who came to the United States through Ellis Island and somehow made his way to Wisconsin. In 1928, he founded what would become Eau Claire’s Lasker Jewelers.

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Issue #371 November 14, 2018

Something for All Seasons

Green Oasis Gardens and Gift Boutique is paradise year-round

This friendly shop is stocked up with year-round supplies for savvy gardeners, but also offers a wide selection of forward-thinking fashions for women, cute home decor, gifts, seasonal trinkets, and other goodies to discover.

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Issue #371 November 14, 2018

Fantastic Fabrics

Muldoon’s Men’s Wear keeps it real, stylish, and personal

Sixty eight years ago, Hastings Way looked a lot different than it does today. Where in 2018 it’s lined with bustling small businesses, back in 1950 there was a gas station, a bowling alley, a grocery store, a couple restaurants, and Muldoon’s Men’s Wear.

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Issue #371 November 14, 2018

Drinking It In

Infinity Beverages creates innovative wines and spirits with local pride

Drop by drop, bottle by bottle, barrel by barrel, Matthew Rick has built Infinity Beverages Winery & Distillery, a thriving wine and spirits business, in Eau Claire.

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Issue #371 November 14, 2018

Shop Local for the Win

Chippewa Falls Main Street organization promotes local shopping with sweepstakes

Lauren Fisher

As the holiday season ramps up and families find themselves shopping for gifts, decorations, food, and more, Chippewa Falls Main Street is encouraging residents to support their community by buying from businesses in downtown Chippewa Falls.

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Issue #362 July 11, 2018

Three’s Company

sibling’s three businesses – a spa, a chiropractic office, and a spin studio – will share a building

Emilee Wentland

Some families would cringe at the thought of working together or sharing business space. For one local family, however, it’s a joyful arrangement ...

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Issue #361 June 27, 2018

Stop in for a Spell

pagan store will connect locals with nature, each other

Lauren Fisher, photos by Nicole Johnson

Tucked under a shingled awning on East Grand Avenue is a cozy storefront where the floors are being redone, the walls are being painted purple, and wares from cauldrons to tarot cards are being arranged ...

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