Issue #375 January 9, 2019

TeawhYB Transformed

local rapper takes big step forward with proper debut

Eric Christenson

Nearly a decade ago, Tyler Baumgart – a.k.a. TeawhYB – was rapping for the fun of it. The Green Bay native was a kid in high school with a lot of time on his hands without a lot of outlets for his creative ...

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Issue #373 December 12, 2018

Mudd Meets Midwest

Puddle of Mudd to perform at The Metro

Lauren Fisher

Twenty-eight-year veterans of the grunge metal scene Puddle of Mudd will perform at The Metro in downtown Eau Claire on Dec. 30. The Missouri-born band has been jamming since the release of its first album ...

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Issue #373 December 12, 2018

Triple Play

three EPs make up Nick Anderson and the Skinny Lovers’ new record

Broc Seigneurie

If you’ve been paying attention to the music scene around Eau Claire, chances are you’ve heard of Nick Anderson and the Skinny Lovers. The power trio rose from the ashes of local rock act Granite Rose ...

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Issue #373 December 12, 2018

A Fugue Good Men

Orenda Fugue’s latest is a thank you to a supportive, friendly music scene

Tori Johnson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Eau Claire band Orenda Fugue will perform its new album, Revel, at a free show at the Mousetrap on Dec. 15. We’re Wolves will start the evening off around 9pm, followed with a performance ...

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Issue #372 November 28, 2018

A Pine Hollow Homecoming

Bri Murphy and Ben Shaw team up for in-studio show

Bonni Knight

There’s something special about coming home. On Dec. 14, two musicians who both sprouted their musical roots in Eau Claire are returning to perform at the very studio where they recorded their most recent albums. Bri Murphy graduated ...

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Issue #370 October 31, 2018

Five Years of Gatsby

UW-Eau Claire Gatsby’s Gala takes guests to the ’20s

Abby Norton

Gatsby’s Gala is returning to UW-Eau Claire to provide folks with an authentic 1920s party experience, courtesy of Eau Claire Jazz Inc. The fifth annual gala promises a musical and visual experience ...

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