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Athletic Aesthetic

Hope Springs Eternal – Even for the Brewers

Can Milwaukee break out beyond a break-even season in 2020?

Rarely can a season of baseball be accurately predicted. In sports, the phrase “hope springs eternal” is seen most frequently in reference to Major League Baseball’s spring training, with the promise...

Granny Shots

basketball league for “women of a certain age” keeps ladies active and having fun

I did not expect to discover I was related to a reigning national champion by going to a family reunion. On a hot and sultry late-August day in 2018, I headed down to ...

The Weird Reality of Fantasy Football

for good and ill, fantasy leagues give fans new insights into victory and defeat

One day I was listening to The Bill Michaels Show on the radio, and Michaels related a story from his younger days in sports media. Talking about having nerves while preparing to ask a question of ...

Stepping to the Plate for Carson Park

fundraising effort seeks $1.5m to maintain, upgrade historical ballpark

There is a fairly decent chance that you have, at some point, found your way to the Carson Park baseball stadium. Perhaps the reason for going didn’t involve actual baseball; you may have ...

Reviving a Classic Glove Story

Brewers 2020 fashion brings the team back to beloved logo designed in Eau Claire

Every so often, a sports team pays attention to the wishes of its fans. You would think the responsiveness would be more frequent: Without fans, what is the point of having a team to play before ...

Counting Down the Hits

the top 10 tunes that get fans of Wisconsin (and Minnesota) pro teams pumped up

I love sports theme songs. Perhaps it has to do with being a musician, or maybe it’s I’m immersed in pop music at my day job. Each song is characteristic of its team, a signal to fans and ...

The Most Dangerous Game

Can a Viking fan survive a border battle at Lambeau Field? (Spoiler alert: Yes, he can.)

There was one sporting event I could not attend. I didn’t know if I’d survive the experience; I might get killed. I would never go to a ...

Blowing the Whistle on the Referee Shortage

public focus, cooling of fans’ anger may help boost ranks of sports officials

The 2018-19 prep athletic season is behind us. Summer vacation is underway. Returning student athletes are either pondering which sports to play or training to improve their craft. Coaches are putting ...

Pack-Stage Drama

reports detailing Packers’ off-field dysfunction suggest they aren’t that different from other NFL teams

We Upper Midwesterners pride ourselves on being people who get to work and get the job done. We will occasionally gripe or slightly panic, but when you need to do your job, you do it ...

Swinging for the Fences Again

The Brewers have beaten conventional wisdom in recent seasons. CAN that trend continue in 2019?

What can be expected of the team that consistently beats expectations? Perfection? More wins than games played?

Kicking Higher and Higher

Eau Claire taekwondo competitors take aim at national tourney

My first cognition of taekwondo – as it may have been for you and much of the public – was in September 1988 during the Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. This was its Olympic debut as a demonstration sport ...

Unique Uniformity

the NBA’s foray into creative jersey design inspires ideas for prep hoop teams

If you have caught part of a Bucks or Timberwolves game over the past year-plus – or even just some highlights – you may have come away a bit confused. Home teams wearing colored uniforms and road teams in white ...

Some Nineties Nostalgia We Could Do Without

lackluster year for Packers, Badgers football and basketball calls to mind ho-hum early ’90s

The three most popular teams in Wisconsin, including our part of the state, are the Green Bay Packers, Wisconsin Badgers football, and Badger men’s basketball. We like the other prominent teams ...

Looking Good Out There

geography shapes our fandom, but so do sartorial preferences

Six-year-old me would have been envious of 40-year-old me.I fell in love with sports as a first-grader. I summarily began picking favorite teams, collecting baseball and football cards, and going to games. Gazing at pictures of NFL teams in action, one in particular ...

There Are Reasons to Hold Onto Brewer Fever

despite loss to Dodgers, the Brew Crew’s unexpected success could extend into 2019

The feeling of a World Series win in this region of the country has become something of a foreign concept. Twenty-seven years have passed since the Brewers or Twins made the Fall Classic; 36 years have come ...

Football Is Changing. Will Fans Change With It?

concussion concerns, offensive focus are examples of sport’s evolution

Clay Matthews is, perhaps, the second-best-known current Green Bay Packer. While he may never achieve Pro Football Hall of Fame enshrinement, he will be considered one of the better Packers of the Aaron Rodgers/Mike McCarthy era ...