Issue #399 Dec. 11, 2019

Christmas in a One-Room School

children, teachers, and everyone else became part of the annual Christmas program

Connie Russell

The return to school after Thanksgiving during the 1940s and ’50s marked one of the most important events during the school year at Pleasant Hour School-: preparation for the Christmas program. Teachers brought out ...

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Issue #394 Oct. 2, 2019

Threshing Time on the Farm

when rural neighbors banded together to work and eat

Connie Russell

Although the combine had been invented, in the ’40s and early ’50s, threshing – or thrashing, as it was often called – was the method most small farmers still ...

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Issue #391 Aug. 21, 2019

Talking Smack With Facts

sports evolve over time, maybe team records should too

Luc Anthony

Talking sports smack is not always an equal proposition. Consider the plight of yours truly, a Vikings fan and Wisconsin native: any attempt to highlight why the Vikes may be, in some way, superior to the Packers can immediately be met with this stat: thirteen championships to zero ...

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Issue #384 May 15, 2019

Custom of the Country

rural waving rituals are one way of cutting through the tribalism of our times

Charlie Schaefer

As I walk my two little dogs up the road, I wave at the cars that go by. Often, the drivers wave back. Many are perfunctory acknowledgement; a raised hand, the minimalist but not unfriendly index finger lifted ...

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Issue #381 April 3, 2019

Neighbors Divided by Outrage

who really benefits when each news story splits us into two arguing camps?

Walter Rhein

Why is it that every news story is prepackaged with an assigned category of outrage? You don’t read about a notable advertisement from Gillette, you read about how a notable advertisement from Gillette ...

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Issue #369 October 17, 2018

I Dream of Japanese Toilets

For some, hitting midlife means buying a sports car. One writer seeks a more private luxury.

Caroline Akervik

For my 50th birthday, I want a Japanese toilet. Having researched the options, the toilet of my dreams is of the “washlet” variety. According to Wikipedia, a washlet toilets “include many advanced features ...

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Issue #367 September 19, 2018

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Selves

UWEC student finds women of all ages are dissatisfied with their appearance. They shouldn’t be.

Katie Paulich

‘It looks like you’re filming a porno in here,” remarked my friend Hailey when I brought her to the lab.“It’s not a porno, oh my God,” I replied, utterly scandalized. “It’s for research.”

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Issue #365 August 22, 2018

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

how NOT to behave when you’re out vintage shopping

Laura Buchholz

As the world spins on its axis and every day brings fresh indignities to our news cycle, timeless and well-made vintage items persist as a reminder of a bygone era to which many seem to want to return, except this time with a good wireless connection.

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Issue #363 July 25, 2018

Toasting Transatlantic Friendships

how a chance meeting in Vermont led to decades-long connect that transcends national identities

Jane Jeffries

It started 31 years ago with a cold shower in Vermont. That’s how we met Frank and Uli, two college-aged Germans who were traveling the U.S. The campground showers on the men’s side were not hot ...

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Issue #361 June 27, 2018

Let Us Eat Cake

thoughts on the "no lineup lineup" at Eaux Claires IV

Laura Buchholz

In a recent interview with Volume One, Justin Vernon addressed the controversy surrounding his festival’s experimental decision not to release the names of the bands that would be playing until the festival ...

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Issue #358 May 16, 2018

Teaching Makes Me Rich

Taylor Swift offers the perfect response for those who question this future educator’s career path

Lindsey Bispala

‘Are you prepared to be poor for your entire life?” Add this question to the long list of responses that future teachers get after expressing their occupation choice ...

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Issue #356 April 18, 2018

Taking Action for the Earth

Eau Claire’s Citizens’ Climate Lobby exemplifies grassroots tradition of original Earth Day

Taylor Limberg, Dr. Kate Hale Wilson

The first Earth Day in 1970, conceived by U.S. Sen. Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin, used the model of anti-war teach-ins to draw attention to and catalyze action on the environment. The archives of UW-Eau Claire’s McIntyre Library ...

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Issue #355 April 4, 2018

Baseball Springs Eternal

season’s arrival a reminder of the sport’s history, and Eau Claire’s place in it

Timothy Dolan

As I shoveled the ice off my driveway on a recent Sunday, I was listening to the Brewers and Indians spring training game taking place in hot Arizona. It reminded me that so often baseball ushers in ...

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