Issue #339 Aug. 23, 2017

War and Peace With Animal Neighbors

living in the countryside is relaxing, except when it comes to critters’ destructive tendencies

Justin Patchin, photos by Justin Patchin

I live on a dead-end township road adjacent to the Eau Claire River. As such, animal sightings are to be expected, and are, for the most part at least, welcomed. But lately, it feels as if the animals are conspiring and coordinating their efforts to push us out ...

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Issue #222 Feb. 14, 2013

Where Ideas Take Hold

we all have a role to play in developing the Chippewa Valley’s ‘yes culture’

Nick Meyer, illustrated by Kaitlyn Bryan

When Volume One just started and we were dropping off the first issue throughout the community, we were met with a fair amount of skeptical looks. There were sometimes comments too, about our inevitable failure or burnout, and even more about ...

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