Issue #366 September 5, 2018

Gus the Great

Chippewa Falls native who revolutionized football is focus of new biography

Luc Anthony

The modern game of football is centered on the forward pass. Today, quarterbacks and wide receivers attain yardage and reception statistics that, a half-century ago, would have been considered nearly inhuman; those numbers are now expected today in order to help your team to a championship.

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Issue #366 September 5, 2018

Three Cheers for 30 Years

Eau Claire Children’s Theatre hosts anniversary open house

Lauren Fisher, photos by Luong Huynh

The Eau Claire Children’s Theatre has been a staple of the Chippewa Valley arts community for three decades, and they’re throwing a party to celebrate that achievement. On Saturday, Sept. 15 ...

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My List

Karen Loeb

Climb a mountain. // Ride a motorcycle. // Grow my hair long. // Wear patent leather shoes with taps on the toes. // Have a collection of silver dollars. // Roll pastry dough with my mother ...

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Issue #366 September 5, 2018

New Book Beginnings

independent bookstore finds permanent location, plans fall opening

Emilee Wentland

Local online bookstore Dotters Books is opening a permanent physical location this fall. The women-owned bookstore got started in 2017 as an online-only business that hosted pop-up sales ...

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Issue #365 August 22, 2018

Graham’s Story

songwriter found music came easy, lyrics were harder on debut album

Taylor Reisdorf

Everyone has a tale to tell, and local musician Graham Barnes’ debut album How the Story Goes has functioned as his personal storytelling outlet. Released in late June, the album is a ...

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Issue #365 August 22, 2018

Evolving Darkness

alt-metal band Evernoir hones in on tone for new album

Lauren Fisher, photos by Branden Nall

Finding the right words was never a challenge for Evernoir’s lead vocalist, Venerate Miercy. Songwriting was a therapeutic exercise during periods of her life when she suffered emotional, and sometimes ...

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