How Can We Support Artists and Venues?

with widespread event cancellations, artists and venues are hurting; here’s some ideas how you can help

Eric Christenson, photos by Lee Butterworth

Art, in all its iterations, thrives on interaction. With concerts canceled, tours postponed, ad all kinds of gatherings shut down, artists are losing work quickly and venues’ business is dropping fast ...

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Issue #406 March 18, 2020

Overheard in the Barn

regional wedding venue also an enchanting concert space

Haley Wright

The Enchanted Barn in Hillsdale, Wisconsin – a short drive from the Chippewa Valley – is not just a fantastic wedding destination; it’s a destination for a memorable live music experience ...

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Issue #405 March 4, 2020

Written in the Stars

Eau Claire hip-hop artist’s first full-length album five years in the making

Olivia Kroner

Bruce Brown, known by his stage name, Cudlino, recently released his first full-length album, titled Written in the Stars. Full of hip-hop music influenced by R&B, rap, and rock, Brown’s album is a celebration of life, love, and the lessons ...

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Issue #405 March 4, 2020

Graceful Transformation

Blue Swans flips heartbreak on its head through music

Eric Christenson, photos by Kyle Lehman

Heartbreak and low, low points in life have this graceful way of transforming into art that’s beautiful and real. Raw, relatable stuff. So many words and songs have been written in the depths of dark ...

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