Issue #349 Jan. 10, 2018

Indoors or Out, Just Keep Moving

how to keep your family active when winter weather drives you indoors

Lauren Fisher, photos by Andrea Paulseth

School, homework, holidays, shorter daylight hours, and an ever-increasing pile of essential cold-weather gear become a nearly insurmountable obstacle in the way of staying active during ...

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Issue #347 Dec. 13, 2017

Sweet, Sweaty Sweaters

Ugly Sweater 5K offers exercise, fashion failures

Emily Kinzel

As the Christmas season begins, some are excited for eggnog and presents, while others enjoy trimming the tree next to a cozy fire. Yet in recent years there has developed a country-wide mania for “ugly” holiday sweater ...

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Issue #343 Oct. 18, 2017

Getting Ready to Get Active

to get fit, treat exercise more like play and less like a chore

Mary Pica-Anderson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

People in our world are becoming more and more sedentary. No matter what age we are, we seem to be spending more time in front of televisions and computers. We rarely walk or ride a bike to get around, and ...

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Issue #342 Oct. 4, 2017

There's No Escaping History

Schlegelmilch House becomes spooky Halloween puzzle

Emily Kinzel, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Think back to the early 2000s: You have questionable highlights and you’re on your Dell computer, viciously pounding on the arrow keys on your keyboard. There’s a timer in the upper right-hand corner ...

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Issue #341 Sept. 20, 2017

Hike of a Lifetime

71-year-old EC man will be among oldest to complete Appalachian Trail

Bonni Knight

The Appalachian Mountains, at 1.2 billion years old, are one of the oldest ranges on the planet. Stretching along the eastern United States, these ancient hills and mountains are home to a unique footpath ...

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Issue #340 Sept. 6, 2017

Forward Passed: How Dorais Field Got Its Name

more than a century ago, Gus Dorais – a future Notre Dame star and NFL coach – got his first taste of football stardom in Chippewa Falls

Joe Niese

Over the last four decades thousands of football players have played at Dorais Field in Chippewa Falls. So, who exactly was Gus Dorais? In short, he was one of the most important figures of football in the first half of the 1900s ...

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Issue #340 Sept. 6, 2017

Could They Go All the Way?

Packers, Badgers poised for big successes … if they can play defense

Luc Anthony

One could make the case that the Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers are on the cusp of historic football seasons. With a roster full of receiving talent and a future Hall Of Famer to throw the ball to said talent ...

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