Issue #360 June 13, 2018

5 Common Mistakes Runners Make

and how to avoid them

Adam Condit, photos by Branden Nall, Kelsey Smith

You’re all fired up and ready to run! In fact, you might have a longer term goal you’re working towards and want to make this year your fittest year yet! Motivation is at an all-time high and you have daydreams ...

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Issue #359 May 30, 2018

Raised by the Northwoods

the path between childhood and adulthood passes through the family cabin

Katy Hackworthy

Last September, as the sunset washed over me on a weathered dock whose cracks and folds I know like those on the bottom of my heels, I considered the notion that the Northwoods helped raise me ...

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Issue #359 May 30, 2018

Timeless Northwoods Memories

for those who’ve been there, ‘Up North’ is as much a place as a state of mind

photos by Andrea Paulseth

“I grew up swimming in the lakes of northwestern Wisconsin, in the lakes up around my family’s little cabin near a town called Webster. We’d drive up north on a Friday evening, unpack the car, and after enough begging/pleading/crying, my dad would take us down to the beach at Devil’s Lake ..."

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Issue #357 May 2, 2018

Taking a Drink in Stride

World Beer Races combine running, brew-fest

Kendra Lamer, photos by Kelsey Smith

The 2018 World Beer Races are here to put some extra hops in your stride. The timed races will kick off Saturday, May 19, in Altoona. Runners have the option of completing a 5K or 10K and will receive ...

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Issue #357 May 2, 2018

It Keeps You Running

EC Marathon turns 10 with no plans of slowing down

Samantha Kobs, photos by Kelsey Smith

This year marks the 10th anniversary of one of Eau Claire’s most exciting events: the Eau Claire Marathon. On Sunday, May 6, entire streets will be shut down and taken over by a flash mob of over 4,700 ...

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Issue #355 April 4, 2018

Hiking Beyond the Valley

grab your boots and bug spray, then hit the road to find these fabulous hiking spots

Rob Reid, photos by Rob Reid

Last year, I wrote an article for Volume One titled 25 Hiking Trails in the Chippewa Valley, which you can read online at For hiking enthusiasts willing to drive a bit outside of the area ...

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