Issue #384 May 15, 2019

Crafting Something Special

whatever your taste, Chippewa County breweries, distilleries, and wineries have something to savor

Lauren Fisher

Whether you’re in the market for a Summer Shandy at the Leinie Lodge or a sip of something stronger from Chippewa River Distillery, Chippewa Falls has got the drink for you. Chippewa has craft ...

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Issue #384 May 15, 2019

Meat Me in Menomonie

Cut Rite Meat Shoppe offers local selection & expert advice

Danielle Zinsli, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Brent Hanson has been cutting meat since he was 16 years old. “I worked in a grocery store – worked my way into the meat department. And I’ve been doing it ever since,” said Hanson, who owns Cut Rite Meat Shoppe in Menomonie ...

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Issue #383 May 1, 2019

Rosy’s Texas Outpost

making super-good super tacos for 20 years

Rebecca Mennecke

Featuring tacos, super tacos, burritos, super burritos, chips and cheese, taco salad, and fiesta chips, you won’t walk away hungry from Rosy’s Texas Outpost this year at their first Food Truck Friday ...

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Issue #383 May 1, 2019

Wine Ice Cream? Why Not?

V1 editor experiments with alcoholic ice cream

Lauren Fisher

With comments ranging from “I can’t taste the wine in this at all,” to “I won’t eat this, because it tastes like wine,” this recipe is a great conversation starter for family gatherings.

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Issue #382 April 17, 2019

You Scream, Ice Cream

The Danc’n Bean brings Bridgeman’s ice cream back to Eau Claire

Emilee Wentland, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Things in life tend to come full circle. At least that’s what local resident Roger Wrobel said about his family’s new cafe and ice cream shop, The Danc’n Bean at 2803 E. Hamilton Ave. ...

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Issue #381 April 3, 2019

Cracking the (Area) Code

715 Supper Club revives a west side EC hot spot

Nicole Withers, photos by Andrea Paulseth

A new dining option is opening where the Local Lounge and Varsity Club used to be on Eau Claire’s west side, and unlike its predecessor, it’s not going to be a sports bar. The soon-to-open 715 Supper Club ...

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Issue #380 March 20, 2019

Beefin’ the Valley: A Corned Beef Adventure

one intrepid writer eats a ton of corned beef over St. Paddy’s Day weekend ... for the sake of journalism

Lauren Fisher, photos by Lauren Fisher

“Input corned beef, output words.” It’s a joke some Volume One staff members have made about my massive and undying love for pickled beef brisket. This love was born in childhood, during which I often consumed ...

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