Issue #406 March 18, 2020

A Local Urban Community

downtown apartment dwellers form group to get to know their neighbors

Lauren Fisher, photos by Andrea Paulseth

For the Phoenix Park Urbanites, there are no officers, no bylaws, no structure, really. And if there was, it just wouldn’t be right, says Deb Marshall, the founding member. This social group of people ...

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Issue #406 March 18, 2020

Reap-ing the Benefits

city adopts ambitious plan to reach carbon-neutral goal

Tori Johnson

The Eau Claire City Council voted recently to approve a Renewable Energy Action Plan, a detailed proposal that lays out how the city can achieve 100% renewable energy and carbon neutrality by 2050 ...

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Issue #405 March 4, 2020

A Prom for Special Teens

first-time event designed for high school students with special needs

Justine Childs

Prom goes as far back as 1894 and has become a right of passage for high schoolers everywhere. It’s a chance to develop social skills, to wear beautiful dresses and suits, to get hair and nails done ...

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Issue #404 Feb. 19, 2020

Peters Stepping Aside

Eau Claire city manager to retire in May

Tom Giffey, video by Joel Pearish

After 30 years with the City of Eau Claire – the last four of them as city manager – Dale Peters announced recently he will retire in May. “Eau Claire has a thriving and bright future, and I look forward to ...

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