Issue #392 Sept. 4, 2019

Short Stuff

Eau Claire natives host original short film program

Lauren Fisher

An awkward, thoughtful second date. A look at love at first sight. An escape. An obsession. A robbery. An imagined night out with friends … On Sept. 5 and 6, four filmmakers from ...

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Issue #386 June 12, 2019

Pulling No Punches

Eau Claire filmmaker delves into absurdist, comedic work

Lauren Fisher, photos by Kyle Lehman

“Basically, two girls rob a gas station … poorly.” That’s Eau Claire filmmaker Tim Schwagel’s synopsis of Punch Me, his biggest little film to date, starring Reanna Madson and Lauren May, with supporting ...

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Issue #382 April 17, 2019

Screen Selections

Chippewa Valley Film Festival prepares for fourth year

Breana Good

Of more than 500 short films submitted to the Chippewa Valley Film Festival, only 17 were chosen to be shown at the Micon Downtown Budget Cinema on Saturday, April 27 ...

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Issue #370 October 31, 2018

Grab a Drink, Catch a Film

Pablo Center introduces film screenings with specialty cocktails

Catey Leonardson

The brand-new Pablo Center at the Confluence is launching a movie and cocktail series that is sure to be a hit! Films are lined up through spring of next year, boasting titles that are all over the board in genre and era ...

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Issue #370 October 31, 2018

A Familiar Feeling

Jaywalking screening features local director, actors, settings

Lauren Fisher

We all get a little rush out of seeing something familiar on the television screen. Be it a glimpse of a friend on local news, or a film scene set in a location we’ve been to, it gives us a sense of “knowing,” and ...

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Issue #369 October 17, 2018

Around the World in a Single Theater

Eau Claire World Film Festival returns for second year

Abby Norton

The Eau Claire World Film Festival is back for its second year and is once again vowing to take viewers “Around the World in a Weekend.” Taking place on Oct. 19 and 20 at Micon Downtown Cinema, 315 S. Barstow St., this year’s festival will feature shorts such as Ice Dwellers, where ...

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Issue #357 May 2, 2018

It’s a Big World out There

UWEC professor creates award-winning short film

Julia van Allen

Jyl Kelley ignores dimensions and transforms still photos into a sensory experience. The UW-Eau Claire professor leans on technology and nature in her creative process. As an intermedia artist, Kelley plays with these distinctions ...

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