Eau Claire Named One of Most Livable Small Cities in the U.S.

Rebecca Mennecke |

The giant hand agrees with Eau Claire's high ranking.
The giant hand agrees with Eau Claire's high ranking.

We all know Eau Claire is one of the best places in the U.S. to live, but we’ve now been placed on a list to prove it.

Financial news website SmartAsset.com just ranked Eau Claire third on a list of the most liveable small cities in the nation. Eau Claire was outranked only by first-place Cheektowaga, New York, and second-place Livonia, Michigan.

The study compared 287 cities across 10 metrics, according to their website: concentration of entertainment establishments, restaurants, bars, health care establishments, Gini coefficient (a measure of income inequality), home affordability, housing costs as a percentage of median household income, percentage of residents below the poverty line, percentage of residents without health insurance, and average commute time.

Cities in the heartland took the lead in the study, with eight of the 10 top cities located in the Midwest. When it comes to Eau Claire, we’re winners when it comes to our bars: With the second-highest concentration of taverns in the study, our drinking establishments make up almost 2% of all business establishments. The study also found that successful small cities had shorter commute times. Whereas the average New Yorker has a commute time of 42 minutes, Eau Claire residents have an average commute of less than 17 minutes – the 20th shortest overall.

According to the study, Eau Claire residents also have “above-average” health care accessibility, and the concentration of health care establishments is 13.9% – the 24th highest percentage across every city examined in the study.

This is all to say what we already know: Eau Claire rocks.

Find out more information about the study and the rankings at SmartAsset.com.