GET OUT: Eau Claire Playgrounds, Sport Courts, Skate Plaza Open Friday

V1 Staff, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Eau Claire's Lakeshore Skate Park.
Eau Claire's Lakeshore Skate Park.

Here’s some big news for people itching for outdoor activity – particularly kids who have been staring forlornly at caution tape-wrapped playground equipment since the coronavirus pandemic began: The City of Eau Claire announced late Thursday afternoon that city playgrounds, sport courts, and the Lakeshore skate plaza will open on Friday, June 5.

Before you run out the door, the city still cautions park and playground users to abide by six-foot physical distancing guidelines, to wear cloth masks, and to avoid contact sports (so keep your elbows to yourself on the basketball court). (See full details are in the media release below.)

In related –but far less happy – news, the city also announced Thursday that Fairfax Pool would not open at all for the summer of 2020. Needed repairs, the replacement of a broken water pipe, and uncertainty caused by the pandemic all led to the decision, the city said. 

Playgrounds, Sports Courts, and Skateboard Plaza to Open

The City of Eau Claire’s playgrounds, sport courts, and skate plaza will open Friday, June 5.

While these spaces will once again be open for use, it should be noted that the risk of COVID-19 remains in our community and individuals should follow health and safety guidelines when using the facilities.

Playground equipment will be disinfected weekly, but high-touch surfaces pose an increased risk of spreading disease and people should come prepared with hand sanitizer and follow standard health guidelines to help prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  1. Put distance (at least 6 feet) between yourself and others. At playgrounds, do not crowd on the play stations. At courts, avoid games that include physical contact.
  2. Bring hand sanitizer. Clean your hands often (especially before eating and drinking), and avoid touching your face.
  3. Wear a cloth mask if over the age of 2.
  4. Avoid gathering with others outside of your household.
  5. If you are sick – stay home.

The Center for Disease Control has additional guidelines for visiting parks and recreational facilities.