New Shawtown Neighborhood Association Hosts First Meeting

Barbara Arnold

The Shawtown Neighborhood Association is singing the theme song to the classic TV show Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. The first official neighborhood meeting since formation in summer 2019 will be on Thursday, Nov. 14 from 6:30pm to 8pm at the Westgate Sportsman’s Club, 4909 Sportsman Drive, Eau Claire. In the association’s new Meet Your Neighbors feature on its Facebook page, President Brad Candell, a PESI software architect, and his family are highlighted. At the meeting, Candell will speak briefly on “Being Neighborly,” the foundation of Shawtown’s culture. Guest speaker David Block, director of development for Evergreen Real Estate Group, Chicago, said in a phone interview: “We want to be a good neighbor in Shawtown.” Block, an architect and urban planner, will unveil initial plans to redevelop the now shuttered Mt. Washington Residence, an assisted living facility whose closure was announced in January 2017. Block has been involved in community development and affordable housing for more than 20 years. And while this is Evergreen’s first project in northwest Wisconsin, its portfolio covers 8,000 units across 10 states since its founding in 1999. Evergreen specializes in renovation of historic buildings to help provide affordable housing for a community’s residents. For more information, visit the ShawtownEC Facebook page.

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