Restaurant Week - Celebrating & Building Our Restaurant Scene

You can be a part of the return of Restaurant Week, featuring nearly 50 restaurants, Sept. 20-29

Nick Meyer


Restaurant culture is a crucial component of the value of a community. It impacts the lives and experiences of the people who live there, it affects visitors’ interest in spending time there, and it makes up an important piece of the community’s overall economic and cultural success. So it’s critical we as a community give credence and support to the sustainability and growth of our restaurant scene. That includes supporting the scene’s financial success as well as its ability to find additional cuisines and restaurant models that can succeed here and create a stronger, more diverse culinary culture. That comes through experimentation on the part of the restaurants and entrepreneurs, through open-mindedness and curiosity on the part of the dining public, and through spreading the word to friends and family about what’s new, what’s good, and what you want to see more of.

With that celebration in mind, nearly 50 visionary restaurants in Eau Claire, Menomonie, and Chippewa Falls have signed on for the third year of Restaurant Week, offering special menus and deals with the hopes that you’ll come out to support their endeavors and celebrate their hard-working staffs. You’ll find each restaurant’s offers in the back of this guide. I’ll just say there’s some pretty tasty-sounding stuff back there. You can also read about a handful of special events and prizes you can win for participating (including a trip for two to Las Vegas). Public reviews from the first two years of Restaurant Week told us the event has already become an annual tradition for diners across the Chippewa Valley. So whether you took part in previous years or not, now’s your chance to get out there and experience something new.

Along with Volume One, our sponsors help support the restaurant scene of the entire region through their involvement in Restaurant Week. Check out all the businesses and entities involved this year below, creating a truly community-fueled event supporting the restaurants taking  part and the diners who will benefit from the offers and events.

Restaurant Week is about celebrating the great restaurants we have and the amazing culinary and service talent that runs them. It’s about inspiring what might come next. It’s about getting outside your usual routine to find the participating restaurants you haven’t yet visited, or trying a dish that might push your boundaries. But it’s also about enjoying the classic comforts of your tried-and-true favorites. In whatever way works for you, use this event to vote for the future you want for our restaurant scene. Check out the list of restaurants who stepped up to take part and take these 10 days to visit all your favorites, discover some new ones, and send the message that you’re ready for our restaurant scene to thrive.

Visit the Chippewa Valley Restaurant Week website »