Local Kwik Trips Explore Delivery via Eatstreet

Lauren Fisher

Not too long ago, I lived mere steps away from the Madison St. Kwik Trip. Those were the days; on a whim I could take the spare change from my couch cushions with me for a quick midnight trek and procure a half-dozen glazers, a frozen pizza, or ... a healthier snack ... to munch on while I binged Netflix. I’m a bit farther away now, but recent news suggests that need not deter me from satisfying my sweet tooth. Kwik Trip announced at the beginning of August that it has launched a delivery program through EatStreet, a food delivery app, in Madison and La Crosse. More than 400 items will be available for delivery. “We’ve received numerous requests for delivery over the years,” said David Jackson, digital marketing and loyalty manager for Kwik Trip in a news release. “We wanted to make sure we deliver the same quality our guests have come to expect in our stores, which is why we’ve partnered with EatStreet, another outstanding Wisconsin company, to finally make this happen.” When is this advent coming to Eau Claire? It’s unclear. The convenience store will announce a launch date for Eau Claire, Wausau, and Appleton following the pilot program later this summer or early autumn. Until then, we’ll just have to drive over.