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If your core purpose is to create a positive impact in the lives you touch, your place might just be in a career with Royal Credit Union.  Royal’s values are at the center of everything the credit union has done since it’s founding in 1964, giving a competitive advantage to talent and Members alike.

Amanda Farnham

Amanda Farnham got the call the same day she graduated from Chippewa Falls Senior High School in 2013: She had been chosen for a teller position with Royal Credit Union. “When I started at Royal, I really had no idea what I wanted to do,” she said. “I didn’t know that I was going to have endless opportunities here.” Her leaders at the organization have been amazing, she said, for recognizing her potential and helping her see it herself. Farnham is a natural leader with a knack for communicating; those skills have helped guide her to her current role as an organizational development advisor for Royal. “I think the biggest part of my daily routine that I look forward to is greeting the new hires when they walk in the door,” Amanda said. It’s her job to prepare new frontline team members for their career at Royal through classes and training. She remembers the excitement of her own start at the organization. “Six years ago I was literally sitting in that chair,” she said, gesturing at one of the workstations in a classroom at the Corporate Headquarters. Royal’s tuition assistance program has helped Amanda earn two degrees, and she has been able to implement class projects within the business in the form of training initiatives she helped design. “I would never have gone to school had I not had the tuition assistance program,” Amanda said. “Royal has seriously helped me through it all, which is amazing.”

I didn’t know I would have endless opportunities here ...  Royal has seriously helped me through it all. Amanda Farnham

Colin Boone

Colin Boone remembers taking his dad with him on a tour through the Royal Credit Union Corporate Headquarters as construction was concluding. He was working part-time as a high school co-op teller as he finished his senior year. “This building doesn’t stick out anymore,” he said. “Certainly it did at the time. It was sort of in the middle of a field almost, and now you have apartments, you have a parking ramp, you have a bustling farmers market, there’s all of that stuff here now. So it’s very exciting. It feels good to have been a part of that.” After graduating from UW-Eau Claire, he took a position with Royal as an internal auditor, ensuring the organization adheres to any applicable laws and regulations. In his nine years since returning to Royal, he has worked his way up and now holds the title of corporate risk manager – he manages a team of people who ensure regulatory compliance, always keeping an eye out for potential pitfalls and opportunities and steering accordingly. Colin has risen alongside his contemporaries within the company, taking advantage of Royal’s tuition reimbursement program to pursue a master’s degree in business administration – and the investment began as soon as he came on. “From the time I started I’ve had exposure to large-scale, corporate-impacting projects,” Colin said. “You’re making an impact the second you walk in the door here and you’re going to have a chance to use your talents.”

“You’re making an impact the second you walk in the door.” – Colin Boone

Adam Kinnard

Adam Kinnard, the chief technology officer at Royal Credit Union, started his career in technology at an insurance company after graduating from Chippewa Valley Technical College with a degree in computer information systems. It took five years for him to find his home at Royal. “I knew this was an organization I wanted to work for because my wife worked here, and I heard a lot about the great people who worked here, the commitment to the community and the commitment to the team members,” Adam recalled. “Obviously I liked it because I’ve been here for 18 years.” When Adam came on, he worked as a network specialist, making sure that communications systems within the organization ran smoothly. Over time, he introduced new software and technologies, set up Royal’s first email server, and was promoted through several positions to his current role, which he took on in early 2019. The work Adam has done throughout his career at Royal has helped build crucial systems for the credit union and its Members, leading the organization into the age of mobile banking and giving people better access to funds and services. Making Members’ lives easier is his favorite part of the gig. His work requires adaptability, initiative, and the ability to collaborate, and those characteristics can be found in spades among the team members that work in his department. “This organization is full of great people, and the people I work with are phenomenal,” Adam said. “We are all different, we bring our own strengths, and our commitment to the positive impact we have on our community also makes me extremely happy.”

“We are all different, we bring our own strengths, and our commitment to the positive impact we have on our community also makes me extremely happy.” – Adam Kinnard

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