Note from the Editor | May 29, 2018

Nick Meyer

This is it you guys. It’s here. Summer. It’s time for that annual 12-week-long Wisconsin tradition of jamming every possible outdoor activity into every waking moment of your life out of fear of the season’s wistful end. You gotta do it all now, they say out of one side of their mouth. But, you gotta take time to relax and do nothing, they tell you out the other. Thus commences the delicate balance. Well, Volume One is mostly here for the first part. We’re the source to help you pack in everything you could possibly do around here while the weather is nice. You can get in our pages every other week, and you can get it inside our Best of Summer Guide tucked inside this very issue. It’s got listings of events, attractions, activities, and so much more. Grab and keep your copy now, check it out online at, and let it all be your guide from now until that sun starts setting early again. We’ll see you out there!