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Continental Continuum: Eau Claire artist draws inspiration from time in Japan

Rebecca Mennecke

“Radiant Waves” by Holli Jacobson
“Radiant Waves” by Holli Jacobson
Holli Jacobson
Holli Jacobson

Holli Jacobson, a local artist who specializes in the use of oil and acrylic paints, draws inspiration from the time that she and her husband, Lang, spent in Okinawa, Japan, from 2008 to 2012 while he served in the Navy. This led her to her newest collection of artwork, titled “Continental Continuum,” which will be on display through June 22 in the Volume One Gallery. “We were lucky to be stationed on a tropical island with opportunities for snorkeling with unique coral formations and colorful fish, hiking mountains and cliff sides, and visiting the art studios of local artisans,” Jacobson said. “Japan takes pride in its artistic craftsmanship and attention to detail.” It’s this attention to detail that makes its way into her art pieces. “The body of work started as a nostalgic look at images and artwork from our time living in Okinawa,” she said. “It morphed into a mix of old and new, then and now, a continuum of the beauties of two continents.” Jacobson began her love of art during her childhood, as she often drew things around her. She grew up in Jim Falls on seven acres of woodland and farmland, which she said helped develop her sense of home and beauty. She began painting with oils as a student at UW-Madison but then gravitated towards acrylic paints. When she isn’t working in her studio at Artisan Forge Studios, Jacobson participates in shows at 200 Main Art and Wine and The Oxbow Hotel, and she has an upcoming show at the Pablo Center at the Confluence. “I’m honored to be a featured artist in such a vibrant arts and culture fixture of the Chippewa Valley!” she said. 

Holli Jacobson Presents: Continental Continuum • Volume One Gallery, 205 N. Dewey St., Eau Claire • through June 22 • FREE • hollijacobsonart.com

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