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Triple Play

three EPs make up Nick Anderson and the Skinny Lovers’ new record

Broc Seigneurie

If you’ve been paying attention to the music scene around Eau Claire, chances are you’ve heard of Nick Anderson and the Skinny Lovers. The power trio rose from the ashes of local rock act Granite Rose three years ago and have been gracing the area with their blend of alternative/indie rock ever since. The group finished production this year on its first album, Ephrem, and it’s now out for the masses.

The group is fronted by singer/songwriter Nick Anderson on guitar, with Ian McAlister on drums and Jeff Durow Jr. on bass, and together they bring a chemistry to their music. The three have played all over the country, including appearances at big summer festivals. “We put on a show, not just play music. We’re an entertainment band,” Anderson said.

When they weren’t on the road, they were in the studio crafting each track of their catalogue with fine detail. Ephrem has been three years in the making, made up of the band’s first two EPs with the last segment being the final piece of the album. The result is nine songs that the band takes a lot of pride in.

The album starts off with upbeat tracks “Alone in Brooklyn” and “The Moon You See.” The songs rope you in with a rock undertone topped with bluesy guitar and Nick’s soulful vocals. The group shows off their stylistic range as they work into the next three songs: “Longing,” “Roads,” and “24,” which slow down with strong rhythms and lush backing vocals.

The final segment of the album picks back up with the track “King and Queen,” which will undoubtedly have you bobbing your head. The track echoes of sounds from the mid-2000s indie rock wave and you can hear how much fun the band is having.

The band said they’ve received a lot of support from fans, which they plan to carry into the new year. Current plans include going back into the studio in January, and then hitting the road in February for another tour. They don’t plan on staying still for too long as they hope to get back on the festival circuit next summer.

Ephrem is out now and can be found at Revival Records, Pedals Plus, and the Local Store. Listeners can purchase physical and digital copies online at www.nickandersonandtheskinnylovers.com as well as most streaming platforms, including iTunes and Spotify.

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