A Familiar Feeling

Jaywalking screening features local director, actors, settings

Lauren Fisher

We all get a little rush out of seeing something familiar on the television screen.  Be it a glimpse of a friend on local news, or a film scene set in a location we’ve been to, it gives us a sense of “knowing,” and makes the viewing experience special and exciting. Eau Claire residents are in for a treat Nov. 2-3 as Micon Downtown Cinema airs the feature-length film Jaywalking; a story of friendship filmed by native Peter Eaton and featuring 130 local actors and 40 locations throughout the city. Eaton, born and raised in Eau Claire, moved to L.A. to pursue his filmmaking career, but returned to the Midwest to create a film that portrayed the honesty and simplicity of his home. “All the projects that I never made any money on, but I loved the most and felt the most proud of – they were all shot in the Midwest, they were made here, and they were passion projects,” Eaton said. Jaywalking is the story of two losers who, after a chance meeting, help each other grow and find confidence in themselves. “It’s such a simple story. To me, if you can take a really simple story and explore the complexity of those characters, those little honest interactions, that’s better to me,” Eaton said. Show times are Nov. 2 at 8 and 10pm, and Nov. 3 at 8pm.  Tickets for this locally inspired and produced film are $10. For more information visit www.miconcinemas.com.