Music Quick Hits|October 2018

Eric Christenson

S. Carey
S. Carey

S. Carey recently dropped a cool mini-documentary shot over the days leading up to his latest tour for his album Hundred Acres. The film, which was shot and edited by filmmaker Peter Eaton, shows the band rehearsing and hanging out (and a quick meal at Taqueria la Poblanita), and culminates with a cool live performance from one of their first shows on tour. To check out the documentary, go to

Recently, Irish pub band the Shillelagh Lads announced their final show after nine years of delighting the Valley with their tunes and killer St. Patty's Day shows. Frontman Michael Rambo said the final show, happening Oct. 27 at the Heyde Center, will feature dancers, past Lads members, and an all-out celebration. 

There’s a new music venue in Osseo called The Stillwater El Dorado Music Barn owned and operated by musician Ben Stillwater. The venue started hosting shows – mostly in the Country-Western variety – in October and shows sometimes feature dinner theatre components, snacks, and more. Shows are usually free, so it’s worth your time to check it out. For more information head over to

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