Barstow & Grand #2

local poetry and lit mag unleashes its second issue

Lauren Fisher

The official release of the second issue of Barstow & Grand, a locally produced poetry and literature magazine, will be Oct. 16 at the Pablo Center at the Confluence. Beginning at 7pm, authors will read fiction, nonfiction, and poetry from the journal.

Editors will provide commentary on the publication process, and discuss how the journal has evolved in the mere two years since its inception. Barstow & Grand takes submissions from any person with some connection to the Chippewa Valley, whether that connection is a lifetime of residency or a few sips of Leinenkugel’s.

The first issue featured 27 works by 24 authors. “Issue #2 is a definite step forward,” said Eric Rasmussen, one of the publication’s founders. “The quality of the writing is still high, but we were able to incorporate more of it, and we worked with a local artist to make the issue even more attractive. More than anything, we are excited to grow the pool of Barstow & Grand contributors, and we’re already starting to make plans for issue #3.”

The release party for Issue #2 is a free event associated with the Chippewa Valley Book Festival. For more information, visit

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