Xcel Donates Solar-powered Chargers for New City Plaza

Tom Giffey

People in downtown Eau Claire will soon be able to recharge their digital devices on the go thanks to a gift from Xcel Energy.

The utility company will donate up to four solar-powered charging stations worth about $10,000 to the City of Eau Claire, which plans to install them in and around Haymarket Plaza next to the soon-to-open Pablo Center at the Confluence.

The charging stations feature a small round table on a pole topped with a solar panel, and can hold a charge for three days – which means you’ll be able to power up your phone or tablet even in overcast weather. Ideally, the charging stations will be installed before the Pablo Center officially opens Sept. 22.

“Xcel Energy is a strong supporter of sustainable energy and seeks to partner with the city for the expansion of sustainable energy resources with the donation of these solar powered charging stations,” a summary of the project given to the City Council states. The council officially accepted the donation Aug. 28.