Brewing and Building: Local brewery serving cold ones while crafting its new home

Broc Seigneurie, photos by Branden Nall

The Brewing Projekt
The Brewing Projekt's temporary taproom

Since late spring, The Brewing Projekt has been busy – not only creating unique beverages but also refurbishing the buildings at its new location. But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait until the new additions are built to stop by and have a drink. The brewery has set up a temporary taproom inside its warehouse at 1807 N Oxford Ave., which is currently open to the public.The original three-story brick property that housed a canning factory during the Second World War is on its way to becoming the permanent bar area. The extra space will offer more room for customers and employees, while allowing a better view of the brewery’s operations. Construction on an additional section that will connect the warehouse to the main structure begins this month, with the steel skeleton already in place. Once that middle building is complete, the new taproom will be open for business. The company estimates that renovations will be finished sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Brewing Projekt is hosting its 3 1/2-year anniversary on Saturday, Aug. 18. More information is available at www.facebook.com/thebrewingprojekt