UW-Stout Game Design Program Ranks in Top 25

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Image: UW-Stout
Image: UW-Stout

For the sixth straight year, the game design and development programs at UW-Stout have been ranked in the top 25 in the country. Princeton Review, an educational services company known for its annual rankings of universities and academic programs, law schools, and business schools, ranked UW-Stout’s program 24th.

In addition, UW-Stout’s Master of Fine Arts in design program was ranked 18th. The program has a concentration in game design. UW-Stout again has the only programs – undergraduate or graduate – from Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Iowa in the top 25 out of 150 programs reviewed. The No. 1-ranked undergraduate program is University of Southern California.

“We are very pleased that UW-Stout continues to be recognized nationally, demonstrating the effectiveness of the hands-on nature of our polytechnic institution,” said Professor Diane Christie, director of the computer science-game design program.

“Our cross-discipline teams and project-based curriculum are a reflection of how industry operates and prepares our students for their future careers.”