The Sound Is Global, the Venue Is Metro

hip-hop legend Wyclef Jean brings Caribbean pulse to Eau Claire

Bonni Knight

Wyclef Jean
Wyclef Jean

We interrupt the steady drip of local music Eau Claire’s been listening to on repeat and present you with a mighty disruption: Wyclef Jean. 

Eau Claire, known for its great affection for all things local is in for a big something different when internationally renowned Grammy award-winning Haitian musician Wyclef Jean headlines at The Metro on April 12. But don’t worry. A band with local connections and a big world sound, Irie Sol, will open the show with their reggae/funk/jazz styles.

While he is best known for his work with the Fugees alongside Lauryn Hill and his cousin, Pras, Wyclef is a musical legend all his own. He’s worked with musicians such as Shakira, Santana, Eminem, Whitney Houston, Kenny Rogers, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Ludacris. He counts both Bob Dylan and Bob Marley as influences.

And you do not want to miss this chance to see Wyclef live! Lest you doubt, do yourself a favor and give a listen to the Latin pulse in “Hips Don’t Lie,” featuring Shakira, lean heavily into the lyrics of “Gone Till November,” or feel the passion in the song “911,” featuring Mary J. Blige. 

“The Fugees and Wyclef were and still are my go-tos for great music,” Metro owner Benny Haas said. “This show will be amazing and compared to the much larger clubs that are hosting on this tour, you are guaranteed to have an amazing and intimate show.”

A fusion of origins and genres that sets Wyclef’s music apart. This is a guy who calls himself “The Haitian Dr. Dre” but who adores the musical West Side Story. He identifies as a hip hop guitarist, but also as a jazz major and a battle rapper.
At age 48, Wyclef is nowhere near done fusing musical styles and sounds.