Keeping It Kosher

Barbara Arnold

Forty Eau Claire synagogue members are sharing their family recipes – more than 500 from different locations and heritages – in the newly released cookbook, Jewish Family Favorites, by members of Temple Sholom. Before “Dear Abby” and “Ann Landers” became famous advice columnists, they were known in Eau Claire as the Phillips twins: PoPo (Abby) and Eppie (Ann), and belonged to Temple Sholom, the local Jewish place of worship and religious study that published the cookbook. The book is worth having for “Dear Abby’s Chocolate Layer Cake” recipe alone. While the cookbook centers on “keeping kosher,” a delightful plus is valuable info for people who are on special diets. The title of each recipe is followed by respective codes: (D) for dairy, (GF) for gluten-free, (V) for vegetarian, and (Vg) for vegan. Many of the recipes have been passed down for generations from mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and longtime temple members who have departed this earth. Their memory is kept alive through their recipes. Rabbi Shoshana Dworsky penned the “Jewish Holiday” chapter interspersed with holiday favorites. The 1½-inch-thick cookbook is comb bound, which makes it lay flat and easy-to-refer to while cooking. It is available for $18 (includes shipping) at Temple Sholom’s website templesholomwi.org or at the Local Store.