Visual Vibrations: Local artist harnesses metaphysical energy to make physical art

Emily Kinzel, photos by Andrea Paulseth

LET THE SPIRIT MOVE YOU. Artist Tanya Meyer creates one-of-a-kind art by pouring paint.
LET THE SPIRIT MOVE YOU. Artist Tanya Meyer creates one-of-a-kind art by pouring paint.

Tanya Meyer expresses a higher universal consciousness through movement-based paintings. Each piece conveys a unique moment in time, a specific emotion, energy, or power. Bright cerulean hues are matched with calming earthy tones in one piece, while another may contain airy pastels encompassed by greenery. Meyer melds the psychedelic and spiritual within her growing portfolio and expanding business strategy.

Meyer’s artistic renderings don’t follow a specific process, but instead a flow. “It is all intuitive based,” she said. “Basically I get an urge to paint, I get a canvas out, throw on some music, and let the energy flow through me.” This technique allows Meyer to create individual pieces with a consistent theme. Meyer also ties each artwork together with her thumbprint.

“Every choice in how I pour, and every stroke of the brush is coming from a higher place of connection.” – Tanya Meyer

Her objective is meditative at heart. It’s important for Meyer to let loose and paint with a clear mind, translating music onto a tangible surface. When the moment is right, Meyer grabs her paint, pours it onto a blank canvas, and paints. Her brushstrokes mimic her interpretation of the rhythm of a particular song or the surrounding energy. “Most recently I have really been tuning in to the music, connecting with the energy of the musician, the meaning of the words and vibrations as I flow,” Meyer said.

Each painting is truly one-of-a-kind. Meyer is a self-taught artist who finds guidance in her own technique. Her medium of choice is Vitrail, a viscous, pourable paint.

“I follow no criteria.” Meyer said. “The colors I choose are all guided to me at the start. It’s about trusting the process and really just knowing every choice in color, every choice in how I pour, and every stroke of the brush is coming from a higher place of connection.” Each brush stroke attempts to integrate both light and vibrational frequencies. This process is meant to allow viewers to enter a higher level of consciousness.

These paintings are created to heal, each made using a different energy. “Every painting stimulates an emotional reaction, whether it’s conscious or unconscious,” Meyer said. “The energy is always present. Those that are drawn to a particular painting are receiving the energy and information that their higher self is calling for. People often feel a great sense of peace in their presence.” Some people say Meyer’s paintings invoke peaceful visions through hypnotic natural patterns. “The energy in the paintings is powerful and they appear to be communicating with people in very magical ways,” Meyer stated.

Want to witness Meyer’s paintings and their divine properties? Meyer is hosting a home gallery event Dec. 9 from 10am-4pm at 7610 196th St., Chippewa Falls. More than 50 paintings will be showcased. Enjoy a warm cup of apple cider or hot cocoa w hile you browse Meyer’s vast collection. Meyer is donating 10 percent of all proceeds to Feed My People Food Bank.

To browse some of Meyer’s collection, visit her on Facebook @portalsoflight or Instagram @divinelight77. If you’d like to purchase a painting, contact Meyer at (715) 440-0174 to set up an appointment.