Ink & Paper Print Sale Spotlights Local Art

Emily Kinzel

Sick of Urban Outfitters’ meaningless wall prints of cheesy quotes and unoriginal palm tree patterns? Want art that screams Wisconsin and creativity and will make you look like a professional curator? Then attend the annual Ink & Paper Print Sale sponsored by Volume One and Powertex. Through Jan. 6 stop by The Local Store, 205 N. Dewey St., to gander at, appreciate, and purchase unique, locally-made prints showcased in the Volume One Gallery. What can you expect? Two-dimensional pieces including woodprints, etchings, screenprints, photos, illustrations, and more – you never know what you might find! Participating artists from the Chippewa Valley set their prices, which keeps prices affordable while providing admirers with snazzy works of art. Don’t give your family members or friends more meaningless gift cards for the holidays. Instead, give them – or yourself – the gift of art. Stop on by, bring a friend, and support Chippewa Valley artists.