EC Writer Contributes to World-Record Anthology

Emily Kinzel

What do an 8-foot man, a teddy bear collection, and a skateboarding dog all have in common? They’re all documented in the Guinness Book of World Records. The book’s latest contributor put together the largest anthology of short stories in order to win his spot. Creator Shaun M. Jooste, a self-published author and leader of Celenic Earth Publications in Cape Town, South Africa, doubled the past record holder of 50 contributors in an anthology of short stories. This past July, CEA Greatest Anthology Written officially gained the exclusivity of The Guinness World Record title with more than 100 contributors included in the project. Every genre imaginable is featured in this book, including works of horror, fairy tales, fantasy, science fiction, and many more. Eau Claire resident Travis Ludvigson is featured in this international anthology. Ludvigson is described as a Warrior Poet, telling tales both fiction and historical of philosophers, Norse warriors, and others. His works include Land of the Norsemen, Iron Strong, and A Drop of Ink. Ludvigson’s books are available for purchase through his own website: To order the anthology and meet the writers, visit Check it out, haul the book everywhere, and enjoy the many worlds the authors give you!