On the Cover | Nov. 1, 2017

learn more about Volume One's cover art from April Moriah

“Grand Ave” by April Moriah
digital art 10.5” x 13.5” • Sept. 12, 2017

April Moriah doesn’t actually know what Volume One is, and at this point is afraid to ask.

“I was born and raised here in downtown, Eau Claire. Every time I go somewhere I have a rush of memories connected to my location, as most Eau Clairians do. Over the years, my work has always been primarily unorganized and spontaneous, but when I decided to do this piece (titled simply “Grand Ave”) it was predominantly meant to serve as a type of art therapy for myself. As an artist I’ve always been attracted to clean, simple lines and shapes that are easy on the eyes ... whether or not they always flow correctly together. I love this piece because it gave me a chance to explore different forms of expression without boundaries or limits. It was important to me to create something that conveyed the same comfort I experienced while creating the piece.” – The Artist

Volume One finds its cover art in a number of ways, from local art shows to random emails to knowing someone who knows someone who knows a great artist. The art always originates from a current or former Chippewa Valley resident. If you'd like to submit cover art, send us a message.