Rows of Horror: Can You Make It out of Connell's 'Field of Screams' Alive?

Emily Kinzel

A good scare a day keeps the doctor away! Connell’s Family Orchard is hosting its first-ever Connell’s Field of Screams Oct. 26-28. This spooky event will be filled with ghost, goblins, zombies, and pretty much anything that goes bump in the night. The Field of Screams isn’t a corn maze, but a corn path, so there’s no reason to worry about getting lost. However, you should worry about the clowns and chainsaw-toting ghouls chasing after you. Upon arrival, tickets can be purchased at the door, and a free tour wagon ride, no hay involved, will bring attendees to the entrance of the haunted field. Then ready, set, scream! “Everyone says there aren’t any scary corn mazes in the area, so we are going to make our haunted walk as scary as we possibly can!” creators Steve and Rick Connell said. The Connells have a pretty good start too, considering you are in a cornfield in the middle of nowhere. Watch out for He Who Walks Behind the Rows! Once you’ve had all the horror you can take, wind down with a hot beverage. The orchard is offering hot cider, coffee, an assortment of bakery items and (of course) fresh-picked apples. The Connells suggest bringing your kids before 7pm and using parental discretion.  

Connell’s Field of Screams Haunted Cornfield Walk • Thursday-Saturday, Oct. 26-28, 6:30-9:30 pm • 419372 County Highway OO, Chippewa Falls • $9 adults, $5 children ($1 off tickets purchased before Oct. 25) • (715)894-7227