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actress will create impromptu, one-woman local show

Emily Kinzel

Lauren Weedman
Lauren Weedman

Comedy is taking over UW-Eau Claire as actress, author, and storyteller Lauren Weedman crosses our city limits. As part of the university’s annual Artists Series, Schofield Hall welcomes Weedman and The City Show, which contains observed and relatable material that is undeniably true about our very own Eau Claire. To break down The City Show further, Weedman’s objective is to entertain her audience with hilarious commentary on the atmosphere of the city and the behavior of the residents she meets along the way. How? Weedman (whose acting credits include HBO’s Looking and Hung and films such as A Five Year Engagement) plops herself in the nitty gritty of each city she performs in, spending an entire week collecting fresh, honest material for her latest show. Her jokes can bloom from a conversation amongst two coffee shop goers, people-watching, or whatever else she experiences. The point of Weedman’s storytelling is not to overgeneralize a city, but to capture a single moment or a “small truth,” as she likes to put it. According to Weedman’s website, “Nothing is planned. The minute she gets on the plane, the story begins.” Her fast-paced energy, goofy mannerisms, and offbeat storytelling techniques are entertaining to say the least. You can’t help but crack a smile and release a hardy yuk! We can all afford to laugh at ourselves once in awhile, so let’s laugh together as Weedman takes hold of, and sometimes pokes fun at, Eau Claire’s unique personality. For more information about her, visit

Lauren Weedman: The City of Eau Claire Show • Tuesday, Oct. 3 • 7:30 pm • Schofield Auditorium, UW-Eau Claire • $17 general admission; $15 UW faculty/staff or age 62+; $7 students or 17 & under; $3.50 student tickets in advance •