Dining on Wobegon

have dinner with Prairie Home Companion writer Holly Harden

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Holly Harden
Holly Harden

At Forage this month, A Prairie Home Companion writer and cookbook author Holly Harden will join guests for a special dinner to benefit the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild. “Suppertime in Lake Wobegon” will feature a discussion with Harden accompanied by music from The Ukulele Klub of Eau Claire and Chef Brent Halverson’s creative spin on the “church social” meal. Throughout the evening Harden will share stories from the writing life; in particular, how growing up in Fall Creek, Wisconsin eventually led her to writing for Garrison Keillor’s iconic radio show. “I grew up in Lake Wobegon,” Holly says. “We all did. It is that imaginary place we spend our lives trying to return to.” Pairing Chef Halverson’s food with Harden’s words is “a way to nourish both our stomachs and our souls,” says Guild director B.J. Hollars. Harden’s cookbooks regularly draw connections between the culinary and creative arts, a subject she’ll draw upon throughout the night. “Everywhere I go, people want to tell me stories. Because I wrote for Garrison. Because I am a writer. Because I listen. I want to hear. And everywhere I go, people share their recipes with me. It’s a way of loving, to cook for someone. It’s a way of loving to receive it, too. It’s a communion, a breaking of bread, of sharing life with each other while we’re here.” Tickets are available for $40 at tinyurl.com/Wobegon-tix. All proceeds benefit the Chippewa Valley Writers Guild.

Suppertime In Lake Wobegon: An Evening With Holly Harden • Saturday, Sept. 16 • 6pm • Forage, 930 Galloway St., Building 13 Suite 212, Eau Claire (in Banbury Place) • $40/person • cvwritersguild.org