5 Local Grilling Sidekicks

V1 Staff

1. Sconnie Foods squeezable sauerkraut

Accessibility has never been one of sauerkraut’s advantages, until now. The locally made handheld condiment is a must when you’re out and about and need some kraut.

2. Water Street Deli's Hummus

As much fun as meat is, society usually expects us to have some kind of side dish (and no, hot dogs don’t count). Chips and hummus are the perfect extra with grilled goods.

3. Sue’s Bakeshop onion rolls

You’ve gotta put that burger on something, and there’s no better option than the onion rolls from Sue’s. They add just the perfect flavor to what we’re sure is the delicious hamburger you’ve concocted.

4. Lucette Hips Don’t Lie

There’s plenty of local beer that would sit well with a grillout, but the light, sweet taste of Hips Don’t Lie make it ideal for standing out in the heat over the flames.

5. Silver Spring Mustard

The sweet, spicy local mustard is a perfect condiment for everyone: They offer all sorts of crazy varieties. Still, nothing beats the taste of the classic blend on your brat.