Big Plans Are A-Brewin' at Lazy Monk

Phase 2 will consolidate the brewery and bier hall – and Phase 3 is a German / Czech restaurant

Hillary Bell, photos by Kelsey Smith

Lazy Monk Brewing
Lazy Monk Brewing Taproom

Lazy Monk Brewing, a local brewery and popular German-style bier hall in Eau Claire, will soon begin Phase 2 of its transition from its previous location in Banbury Place to its new, spacious home base at 97 W. Madison St. Phase 1 – relocating the serving room – was completed just over a year ago. Phase 2 – moving the brewing operation to the same location – will soon be underway. “Having everything in the same location will streamline our process of brewing beer and serving our customers,” says Theresa Frank, who owns the brewery with her husband, Leos. “It will also allow us to have our brewery employees and office staff in the same building.” After Phase 2, Lazy Monk will be able to offer customers more taps of its beers and it won’t have to transport beer between the two locations. The actual move hasn’t started yet, but will be happening after some extensive remodeling for the new brewery space. Lazy Monk hopes to complete the move by late spring. And finally, after moving the brewery, they plan to focus on a third and final stage of their move: Phase 3 which includes a Czech/German restaurant. “When you are in Europe, most breweries offer some type of meal,” explains Teresa. “It won’t be an extensive menu, but will include four to five items which will consist of traditional Czech/German food.” The three phases are slowly bringing the brewing company closer to completing its full business vision: to serve the community quality beers made like those in the Czech Republic and Germany. And with Phase 3, Eau Claire may finally achieve its long-awaited dream of having a restaurant on the river – or at least something close to it. Says Theresa: “We will never lose sight of that fact that we are a brewery first and foremost, but one that also offers a hearty meal.”